One month away from 2023 Euro Championship

August 17, 2023

We are getting closer and closer to the 2023 European Championship in Czech Republic. Hellas is continuing to prepare for their Group A placement in the city of Ostrava with Spain, host Czech Republic and Austria. 2023 EBC is Greece's 8th European Championship appearance, most recently 2021 in Torino, Italy. The tournament format has placed each of the 4 groups in 4 different Czech cities: Ostrava, Prague, Brno and Trebic. Manager Chris Demetral and Scouting Director Scott Demetral are continuing to put the final touches on the tournament roster. The roster will be released as we get closer to the start of the tournament.

Greece will finally take the field in September as a nationally recognized sport/organization in Greece as the Greek Ministry of Sport reinstated the Hellenic Baseball Federation in a merger with the Hellenic Softball Federation to create the newly established Hellenic Baseball Softball Federation. This was a significant event as it allows Greek Baseball to grow stronger and give hope for a promising future with the necessary structure and support.

Hellas has faced each of their group pairings multiple times in years past.

Spain: 2-6 all-time record vs Spain with their most recent meeting coming in 2022 Prague Baseball Week losing 4-2.

Czech Republic: 0-3 all-time record vs Czech Republic with most recent meeting coming in 2022 Prague Baseball Week losing 7-1.

Austria: 1-1 all-time record vs Austria with most recent meeting coming in 2021 European Championship winning 14-13.

Chris Demetral has finalized his coaching staff:

Hitting Coach: Erik Pappas

Pitching Coach: Demetre Kokoris

Bench Coach: Mike Tonis

Asst Coach: Scott Demetral

Bullpen Coach: Noah Zavolas

Greece is looking to advance to the playoff bracket for the first time since 2010 when finishing 4th place in Stuttgart, Germany. Some notable players confirming their return are Ari Sechopoulos, Dimitri Kourtis, Thomas Roulis and Antonio Torres.



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