Former player Chris Demetral named new Manager

August 7, 2023

Hellenic Baseball Federation is proud announce the signing of Chris Demetral as the newest manager of the Greek National team. Demetral replaces former manager Rye Pothakos as team continues its rebuild as one of Europe’s premier baseball clubs. Chris joins the team during an exciting time as Hellas completed its return to Europe’s top championship level after six years of rebuild and challenges. He will manage the team during the 2023 European Championship and other future events. Demetral is committed to helping Hellas reach the top 8 in Europe and qualify for the World Baseball Classic.

Chris was a 31st rd pick in the 1991 MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers. He had a successful 11 year professional career including 6 years at the AAA level. Making his national team debut in 2004 Athens Olympic games, Demetral continued his baseball career with Hellas for numerous more tournaments before he played his final European Championship in 2014. Demetral is the first national team player to return as manager, which is a major step in the right direction as General Manager Tom Mazarakis is trying to create continuity and familiarity amongst the players and staff.

Demetral currently resides in Michigan, USA with his family. He currently coaches for the South Oakland A’s baseball academy. His son Andre Demetral is committed to Northern Illinois University to play Division 1 baseball.

Hellas is excited about the future with Chris leading the charge!


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